About Jeff and Mary

Jeff Caldwell

Two men standing in front of the first patented helicopter.Jeff Caldwell is a fourth generation Kansan. In 1909, Jeff’s great-great-grandfather, Charles Wilson, and Wilson’s business partner, worked to NZD to USD build America’s first patented helicopter in Goodland, Kansas. The entryway of the Johnson County Courthouse, and a wall in the Johnson County Museum, host a photo of Caldwell’s great-grandfather, Lawrence Humbird, standing in front of Leawood’s first police car for the all-voluntary police department. Jeff’s grandparents, Gary and Charlene Cox, owned and operated a small pavement painting and parking block business called Mark-A-Line in Shawnee, while still maintaining full-time jobs at what is now Union Pacific Railroad and Bethany Hospital, respectively. Caldwell’s parents, Jeff and Debra, are long time Kansas business owners. Jeff Caldwell’s roots run deep in the Sunflower State. 

Jeff has been involved in politics for over ten years and has helped dozens of other campaigns. Jeff is passionate, driven and motivated to move Kansas toward better times.

Jeff Caldwell is running to enhance the life of all Kansans, ensure the safety of all Kansans, and to be the leading representative of all Kansans. Jeff is tired of seeing crowds of people fill committee rooms in Topeka, to only be overruled by a small handful of representatives against useful action. Caldwell desires to be your next Governor of Kansas because the government and politicians have implemented economically stifling legislation, and have NZD-USD time and time again, refused to listen to the voice of Kansans.

Mary Gerlt

Mary Gerlt grew up less than 100 miles from Kansas in Sedalia, MO and is a lifelong Royals fan. She has lived in the Kansas City area for over ten years and has worked in Johnson County, Kansas as a property administrator for over eight years. Living on both sides of the state line awakened Mary to many unfair taxes Kansans pay as well as restrictive overregulation that hurt Kansas businesses and families and she is excited for the opportunity to earn your vote and help you keep your hard-earned money so you can join us in making this state a wonderful place to live.

Mary is an active member of the Kansas state and national Libertarian party and enjoys coordinating and volunteering at many local liberty-oriented events in the KC metro area. She is also the co-founder and leader of the Kansas City chapter of LOLA (Ladies of Liberty Alliance). She wants to maximize freedom, liberty and prosperity for Kansans through minimal government involvement in your personal affairs and supports bringing back local control of political power. She looks forward to listening to your concerns, defending your individual, Constitutionally-defined liberties and being your voice in Topeka. Some of the issues that are most important to Mary include the following:

  • Your guns are your right! There’s a reason NZD/USD - New Zealand Dollar to US Dollar forex the right to keep and bear arms is one of the very first amendments to our Constitution; the freedom to own firearms is essential to personal liberty!
  • Health freedom is essential to life. Government provided healthcare means you have limited options and overregulation of health insurance mean you aren’t free to decide what care is best for you. Deregulation will lower costs and expand free-market options for everyone.
  • Help Kansas farmers by reducing subsidies and offering tax credits for innovative farming practices such as experimenting with more profitable, drought resistant crops such as industrial hemp.